Local Authorities and Waste Management Companies

We have contracts with local authorities and waste management companies across the UK, providing a wide range of services designed to meet the individual requirements of our clients, from site clearance to household collections.

We employ an exceptional team of drivers who are using the latest transport technology. All tonnages of textile wastes collected can be provided electronically as well as figures showing the percentages of waste processed for reuse or remanufacture.

Through our many years of experience we are aware that auditable data is essential for meeting targets. We aim to stay one step ahead of ever-changing legislation, adapting our data systems to fit with customer’s particular requirements.

Our established business holds all the relevant licences, exemptions and memberships required to operate efficiently, cost effectively and at the high standard expected of us by our clients. 

Our rates are always competitive and will remain so. Please feel free to contact the Account Team on 020 8778 7117 or 020 8778 6971 should your enquire more information about any of our services.