Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements and we will be able to provide you with a price list for textiles, loading and shipping if required.  

A 40ft-high cube container will hold:
500 bales in a container @50kg per bale
478 bales in a container @55kg per bale

Please contact us for details about 20ft-high cube containers.

We also supply shoes: we fill both 40ft and 20ft containers.
Please contact us for a price list.

Terms and Conditions

An order will be processed on receipt of a deposit. Once full and final payment has been received a loading date will be confirmed.

Customers who are loading personal goods onto their container must be brought to the premises no earlier than one week (seven days) prior to loading.  We cannot be held responsible for any goods left on our premises.

Costs for items and shipping are subject to change due to price fluctuation.